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Vascular Lesions

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Vascular Lesions removed by the #1 skin clinic in Glasgow, SkinteX

Some familiar names include:

Blood vessel removal
Spider Veins
Thread Veins
Port Wine Stain


Vascular Lesion Examples

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Facial Thread & Spider Veins

Vascular lesions come in various guises & here we shall only discuss thread veins or spider veins. These affect both men & women, often more noticeable from about 40 years of age, onwards. Thread/spider veins appear near the surface of the skin measuring 3mm (or less) in diameter. The condition is known as telangiectasia. Their colour can be pink, red or if thicker or larger in size, purple.


If they are bright red in colour (oxygenated), which they usually are, then these are in fact usually, dilated blood vessels or capillary networks from your arteries (not veins), but commonly everyone calls them thread veins. It is precisely because they are not veins that the treatment for them is different from that of thicker exposed veins in the legs.

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The majority of facial thread veins (capillaries) are bright red and thin. They can sometimes be enlarged or bulging. However, veins of darker red or blue-purple around the face (e.g. nose & cheeks), arms & legs, require more energy to remove and more treatments. Some can cause  distress & embarrassment for those who have them, but here at SkinteX the skin clinic, we provide a safe & effective treatment for the removal, with minimal downtime or risk, all in a few quick treatments.

If you attend SkinteX Clinic for facial veins alone, but are aware you also have varicose veins or thicker thread veins in your leg(s), please tell your Consultant or Nurse.

Why Do I Have Thread Veins?

There are a number of different causes including hereditary, sun damage, oral contraception, pregnancy, smoking, alcohol, impact or trauma, tight leggings, sitting cross-legged for too long & prolonged standing. Also, the overuse of steroid creams may induce spider veins. Mainly, it is a hereditary condition, part of your DNA.

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How Does The Treatment Work?

We use a high quality IPL with variable wavelengths, pulsewidths & light filters using the principle of Selective Thermolysis.  The main target chromophore in blood is haemoglobin (oxyhaemoglobin & de-oxyhaemoglobin – each with it’s own light absorption characteristics).  The blood is targeted, absorbs the light & then conducts the heat.  The heat coagulates the blood & destroys the vessel walls (denatures), which is then absorbed by the body over 1-3 weeks leaving no trace of the original veins. Blood flow is then redirected deeper, leaving you with normal clear skin.

The delicate & technical treatment “selectively targets” the problem capillaries, meaning we keep the skin as cool as possible to ensure little risk of damaging surrounding areas.  In general, the whiter or paler the skin, the more light it reflects, the easier capillaries are to treat.

Lasers are used as often as IPL’s

How Many Treatments Will I Require and How Much Is It?

Facial thread vein treatments vary, and normally a short course of 5 or 6 treatments. Depending upon the size, depth, colour, the results are often “immediate”! Thread veins fade (reduce) with each session, 3+ weeks apart to allow for gentle healing. As there will flashes of bright light, safety glasses are provided, so there’s nothing to bring, or to worry about.

Cooling gel is always applied to the skin. This not only cools the skin during treatment but also provides a good contact between the IPL treatment head and the area of skin to be treated.

After treatment there is often quite a strong red reaction from the skin of the treated area, like a patch of localised sunburn (plus coagulated blood will appear dark red initially). Therefore, like sunburn, it can be quite tender. However, as this settles down quickly, the desired effect should soon be seen.

Come and have a personal SkinteX consultation at Glasgow’s number one skin clinic. We will be pleased to advise you on pre & post treatment care. Prices from only £75.00.

Having once been prone to thread veins, it is recommended we periodically check results & avoid a relapse. Please talk to us about your Personal Skincare Treatment Programme (PSTP).

Ultimately, woman or man, we want you to have youthful, smooth, blemish free skin.
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