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Tattoo Removal (Tattoo Regret) – the basics

Tattoo Removal (Tattoo Regret) – the basics


There is a lot of misinformation about tattoo removal, or tattoo regret (as it has become known).   To date, the most cost-effective, scar-free, safest, least tissue damage method is still by means of the Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser.
SkinteX uses advanced, innovative methods (including the new pain reduction technique) all for your safety, reassurance & peace of mind.


There are many false reviews & misleading advertising claims (even from major international companies) on so-called ‘latest’ or ‘new technology’. And many people around the world are disillusioned, becoming more unsure, disappointed of their results & worse still, DAMAGED or SCARRED by poor machines and poor operators! We know & understand science & technology & have investigated many products. Therefore, for honest advice, factual & a very informative consultation on your tattoo regret, come & chat to us.

At SkinteX our advanced technique ensures you have a safe, effective, scar-free & least painful method, with minimal downtime or risk.

You will notice the difference & others will too! Be the envy of your friends, become a new you! Contact us now on 07751 884512 for your consultation.

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