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Tattoo Removal (Tattoo Regret)

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Tattoo Removal / Regret – Key Information

dreamstimeextrasmall_37189767There is a lot of misinformation about tattoo removal today. Keeping this simple, the most cost-effective, scar-free, safe, least tissue damage method is still by means of the Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser. Prices from only £50!

SkinteX Laser Clinic uses advanced, innovative methods (including the new pain reduction technique) all for your safety, reassurance & peace of mind.

Tattoo regret has become common & many look for a quick fix to their problem. Some practices claim to remove a tattoo in a couple of sessions just to get you in the door, but we know this is impossible, so beware of sales hype! Of course they could be referring to older amateur tattoo with low ink density & a small area, which then might be possible – but this is not the norm.

Pro or amateur? Amateur tattoo are removed quickly. But professional applications take longer, because there’s an even ink spread, more densely applied in the correct part of the dermis rather than random & they use quality modern inks. Some with bright colours with a polymer, or high metallic (or titanium) content, is harder to break down.


SkinteX endeavour full tattoo removal over a much shorter time-period, with excellent results. We will advise you correctly & honestly at a consultation. Remember results vary because every tattoo artist, ink, density, person & skin/body reaction is different!

Some other methods of removal are less effective than our laser, and can result in hypertrophic scar formation & hyperpigmented skin – neither of which you want!

Whilst some patients can live with mild scarring or put up with visually noticeable results/symptoms, we here at SkinteX don’t think you should! Our methods are scar-free with far less discomfort & pain than others due to our new ‘slide’ technique.

dreamstimeextrasmall_57038304Different Skin Colours

Caucasian skin has a thinner stratum corneum than darker or black skin. This means less absorption of laser light energy & less sensation, than darker skin types (more melanin throughout the epidermis = more sensation). Dark or black skin also has potential to develop keloids as opposed to pale/white skin. In some instances a test patch will be performed.

Can Everyone Be Treated?

The ideal candidate is one with perfectly good conditioned, normal skin. But many cannot. Here are just some examples of those who cannot receive treatment, if you have/suffer with: Excema or Dermatitis; New tattoo up to 3 months; Over dark moles (if in doubt always check first with your Surgeon, GP, or Dermatologist); Porphyria; Psoriasis; Skin Cancers; and under 16 years of age.

What Will I Experience?dreamstimeextrasmall_21937943

Some describe the laser sensation as the ping/snap from an elastic band, or needle, but our method induces less pain than others, which is noteworthy. Some of the light energy is absorbed by surrounding tissue, but there is no thermal damage to collagen nor scarring. You will see little white spots (vacuole bubbles) on the skin surface, over the tattoo, which is a good thing, as some light is absorbed. These white spots disappear over the next hour. You may have some oedema & erythema but again these will pass over a few days & is quite normal. Less than one third may find it necessary to take strong analgesics or paracetamol prior & post treatment.

How Does It Work?

The ink pigment is removed layer by layer with each treatment; explaining why several treatments are necessary. The Q-Switched laser with it’s enormous power, penetrates down into the dermis until the light is absorbed (by the ink). Because of the correct power density applied with SkinteX lasers, a shockwave is produced & the solid ink pigments are fragmented by means of this photo-mechanical process (not photo-thermal as we keep hearing others say, incorrectly!). Because skin tissue is not a solid, it is unaffected. The skin has macrophages which help remove these particles up to a certain size, in a cleaning process called phagocytosis, by means of the lymphatic system. Your tattoo then fades with time. Your next treatment session removes the next ink pigment layer & this is repeated until fully removed.

How Many Treatments Will I Require?dreamstimeextrasmall_1962973

You will now have a good idea yourself, once you answer these questions: Was my tattoo performed by an amateur or professional? How old is it? How large an area? What ink(s) were used, what pigment & their chemical compound? Was the artist heavy-handed & your tattoo deeper than necessary or over-filled with ink? Do I want total removal, or just sufficient to be ‘covered up’ again by a new tattoo? Having the answers would clearly help, but without them we could say anywhere from 6 to 18 (the industry books courses of 6 to receive a discount). Darker colours are better & easier to remove, but green & purples are harder. We hope you kept away from bright &/or metallic colours!

Even medically published journals say “the final outcome can only be assessed at completion, which might take 2-3 years. Therefore, [say these medical/science experts] in some cases, complete tattoo clearance is impossible”. Although with our methods we clearly disagree! So if someone tells you it can be removed in ‘just a couple of sessions‘, don’t believe them!

Did you know with tattoo removal, the tattoo can sometimes change colour, affecting your treatments? They don’t tell you that when you’re getting a new tattoo done, do they?

dreamstimeextrasmall_68759860We want you to be fully satisfied. Thankfully, we are knowledgeable at SkinteX, which means you’ll receive excellent care & personal attention as we help with your tattoo regret.

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