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Skin Rejuvenation – the basics

Skin Rejuvenation

dreamstimeextrasmall_37856286SkinteX offer different treatments for different skin problems, for your face or whole body, all leading to fabulous improvements & wonderful youthful results.

Reduce Wrinkles / Fine Lines

Face & Body Skin Tightening

Skin Resurfacing / Face & whole of Body

Microneedling / Epidermal Fractional Ablation

Improve Eyes, Neck, Cheeks, Chin & Décolleté

Reverse the visible signs of ageing & hold back those years by technical rejuvenation

The ageing process is complex & affects us all. There is a progressive deterioration of biological functions & ageing results from both intrinsic & extrinsic sources (genetic &/or environmental factors).

When exposed to certain UV rays more melanin can be produced & it’s this exposure that will lead to premature signs of photo-ageing; we see this on our skin as brown (or black) freckles, sun & age spots.

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SkinteX have the technology & clinical treatments which can reduce or eliminate your wrinkles, sun & age spots & unsightly vascular lesions caused by UV radiation.

There are different treatments & solutions including laser, IPL, LED, microdermabrasion, microneedling (dermal needling), chemical peels & the highest grade cosmeceuticals (not available over the counter).

Put simply, we examine your skin, decide with you on best treatment, then selectively stimulate new DNA growth through positive skin remodelling which generates new collagen & elastin for that youthful, fresh look. At the same time, we tidy up any unwanted brown spots, brown marks & unsightly blood vessels for you.

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As we all continue to age, we would advise you maintain your collagen in a positive growth phase, by adopting a routine maintenance protocol. Here at SkinteX we refer to this as your Personal Skincare Treatment Programme (PSTP), with two primary purposes:
1. Restoration & future protection of your tone & texture, health & well-being.
2. Ensure you continue your collagen & elastin remodelling & sustain your rejuvenation process.

Please contact us to book your personal skin tone & texture analysis.


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