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Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation

We here at SkinteX are the multiple award-winning skin clinic in Glasgow and offer the following:
dreamstimeextrasmall_27266605Reduce Wrinkles / Fine Lines

Face & Body Skin Tightening

Skin Resurfacing / Face & whole of Body

Produce Fresh New Epidermal Tissue

Regenerate New Collagen & Elastin

Improve Eyes, Neck, Cheeks, Chin & Décolleté

Achieve the above at our skin clinic, Glasgow, by clicking here: https://www.skintex.co.uk/fat-freezing-contouring-reshaping-skin-tightening/

There are different treatments for different skin problems, all leading to improvements & wonderful results.
Become a new you & be the envy of friends, family & work colleagues, as they see a more confident, youthful you!

But let’s look at just one problem area, as an example….


The Ageing Process & UV Exposure:

Understanding some science! The ageing process is complex & affects us all. There is a progressive deterioration of biological functions & ageing results from both intrinsic & extrinsic sources (genetic &/or environmental factors).

To explain the basics of UV rays, we’ll start by saying the outer skin layer (epidermis) does not contain a blood supply & hardly any nerve endings, but contains melanocytes & basal cells. We know that photoageing is attributed to long-term exposure to UV radiation (UV covers 180-400nm in the spectral band). There are UV-A, UV-B & UV-C rays, but it’s UV-B & UV-C rays which, if exposed, can cause the most damage to human skin tissue. Thankfully UV-C doesn’t enter the atmosphere that easily, so is less of a concern.

When exposed to UV-B rays the melanocytes produce melanin (the pigment which gives skin it’s colour) & we tan. Constant exposure can lead to precancerous lesions, developing into skin cancers. Each year 100,000 new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed, in the UK alone.

However, whilst the UV-B reaches the epidermis/superficial layer, the UV-A penetrates deeper in to the next skin layer (dermis) & both the epidermal & dermal layers can be damaged. The dermis is comprised of collagen, elastin & extra-fibrillar matrix which provides the skin’s structural support. With constant exposure to UV-A the size of the dermis becomes reduced, causing the epidermis to droop or ‘drop off’ the body. It’s this exposure that will lead to premature signs of photoageing resulting in damaged skin, wrinkles, freckles & dark spots.

UV-A rays can also lead to broken blood vessels (or dilated), most commonly visible on the cheek & nose areas.

And please don’t think just because the sun is not out you’re not at risk, even on cloudy days (or indoors behind glass) you are still exposed! The heat you feel from the sun is heat radiation from infrared light & that’s not the same as UV rays.

How Can SkinteX Help?

The biggest improvement is by using our latest technology, and we’d kindly ask you to look at our page:

SkinteX have the technology & treatments which can reduce or totally eliminate your wrinkles, sun & age spots & unsightly vascular lesions caused by UV radiation, etc.  (For further reading on Sun & Age Spots please refer to our Pigmentation treatment page).

There are different treatments using laser, LED, IPL, Microneedling/Dermal Needling/CIT (collagen induction therapy), Fat-freezing, Radio-frequency, Ultrasound, Dermaplane Pro, along with medical grade Cosmeceuticals (not available OTC).

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After your thorough consultation, we may see the need for a combination of treatments to get the best results. Perhaps microdermabrasion pre-treatment to IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) or RF (Radio-frequency).  One of the best new ways to rejuvenate your skin is by Dermal Needling (other names for this technique are microneedling, dermal rolling, CIT & mesotherapy). In short, we cause a certain amount of controlled damage to the area & combined with stem cell technology, we produce new DNA leading to fresh youthful skin. At the same time because of our treatments, any unwanted pigmentation is also removed, as an added bonus. Typically, after just 2 dermal needling treatments you will immediately see the difference & others will too.

How Does IPL Help?

Put simply, we regenerate new DNA which helps renew collagen & elastin by remodelling, stimulating new growth. At the same time, we tidy up any unwanted brown spots & unsightly blood vessels near the surface. IPL technology is extremely versatile & very effective for skin rejuvenation, when used correctly & even more so when combined with our other treatments.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This depends upon which treatment we advise & this we only do after you’ve had a very detailed consultation. The consultation is around 45 minutes minimum, as we have many things to ask you & do, including using 3D photo-imaging & skin analysis. Depending upon your condition & other specified treatments, our recommended protocol for you to achieve good dermal rejuvenation might typically be 4-6 treatments at 5 week intervals until clear.

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What About Post-care?

We would stress the need not to have long-term sun exposure for up to 8 weeks after the last treatment & to wear a broad spectrum SPF30-50 at all times. As part of your treatment plan you will likely need certain home-care products to continue extra-fibrillar matrix activity, collagen & elastin regrowth; do this by using our active ingredients or medical grade Cosmeceuticals (not available OTC). Post-care instructions (such as not initially engaging in sporting activity or sweating, no swimming, no sun-beds, but instead, having good hygiene, cleansing, products, day-care, etc.), should all be taken seriously so as to avoid negative side-effects.

Realistically, What Results Can I Expect?

During & after treatment, you can expect to see great results with brighter & smoother skin. Wrinkles will reduce or be removed completely, as the process continues even after your initial treatment. Not only will your skin texture vastly improve, but will look & feel tighter, more like velvet & be more toned.

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How Can I Prevent The Condition Coming Back?

As we all continue to age, we would advise you maintain your collagen in a positive growth phase, by adopting a routine maintenance protocol. Here at SkinteX we refer to this as your Personal Skincare Treatment Programme (PSTP), with two primary purposes:
1. Restoration & future protection of your tone & texture, health & well-being.
2. Ensure you continue your collagen & elastin remodelling & sustain your rejuvenation process.
Your Clinic Representative, Nurse, or Consultant will explain these simple details.


Please contact us on 07751 884512 to book your personal £30.00 skin tone & texture analysis (with 3D camera; or a £15.00 Consultation without 3D camera).

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