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Dermal Fillers and wrinkle reduction

Muscle Relaxants and Dermal Fillers


So you would rather have injections than laser? Ok, here’s the low-down, but you should also read our skin lifting and tightening [on our fat-freezing page], in case that is preferred to needles!

Who is doing it?

You should always consider who is going to administer your injection treatments. Botulinum is a prescribed medicine & should be undertaken by a fully trained & licensed medical practitioner. This ensures you receive the highest purity & receive ultimate results in a controlled & safe environment. Interestingly, few Doctors actually know how to administer muscle relaxant injections correctly.

Currently we DO NOT perform these treatments here at SkinteX, but can recommend our friendly GP to take care of you.


What can be done?

Prescription medications, are used in small doses to temporarily reduce facial wrinkles around the mouth, forehead & eyes, including the Glabellar lines (frown lines between the eyebrows) …or can be used to treat Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

dreamstimeextrasmall_63158770How does it work & how often?

We target specific muscles, reducing their ability to contract. This helps abolish dynamic wrinkles & reduce static lines.
Usually about 3 days after your treatment you start to see changes; the full effects obvious in about a week.
Everyone responds differently, so a follow up appointment can be made in 3 months to discuss whether a nominal ‘top up’ is required, if at all.

dreamstimeextrasmall_58875390So you want to become a ‘new you’, to look good, have higher self-esteem & be the envy of your friends, family & work associates having that new youthful look – that’s why you should choose a recommended person for best results – we have seen and heard of many disasters!

Only premium, top-quality products are used. Beware cheap price offerings, sales & discounts, as you may be receiving an inferior product or possibly very low doses of product. Some practitioners will then seek to charge large sums for a ‘top-up’.

dreamstimeextrasmall_16367029Remember too that results achieved are also down to the skill of the practitioner administering the injection; you want the confidence to know it’s given into the right muscles at the right dose!

How can I contact you for information on face lifting, skin tightening and fat freezing? Remember, we are not offering muscle relaxants or fillers. Click the link below:

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Side effects & Contraindications:

Side effects can include upset stomach, headache, flu-like symptoms & pain or bruising at the injection site. You may experience some loss of expression & injections to the face can cause temporary drooping eyelids.
You can minimise side effects by ensuring that your treatment is given by a medical practitioner qualified to treat your particular symptom.
You can be safe in the knowledge that you are being treated by a specially trained person.

You should not have treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Please inform us if there is any chance you could be pregnant.

More Alternatives….For Women & Men

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are used to restore volume & plumpness for ‘static’ lines in the lower face & for lip & cheek enhancements. Results are instant.


Some fillers contain anaesthetic to make treatment more comfortable, but other forms of local anaesthesia may be recommended.

Before having treatment with dermal fillers you must arrange an individual specialist consultation to make sure treatment is both safe & appropriate for you. We offer advice on suitable types of filler & how they may be used to best effect. It is important to us that you feel 100% comfortable before the procedure takes place.

Some clinics may suggest using ‘permanent fillers’, however we do not recommend this. Some fillers are made with hyaluronic acid & are very safe in specialist hands; they can be dissolved if necessary. It has a very good safety record.

Dermal filler treatment will usually take approximately 30 minutes & results are pretty instant!

Your dermal filler result will usually last  between 6 & 12 months. This will depend on the type of filler as well as the area treated. Lip treatments, for example, don’t last as long due to the amount of movement as well as the need to use a soft filler in this area.

Dermal fillers are excellent for:

– lip augmentation
– smokers lines
– nose to mouth lines (naso-labial)
– reduction of scars
– augmentation of cheeks and temples
– correction of jaw line
– laughter & party lines


Side effects & contraindications:

After your dermal filler treatment it is usual for there to be minimal swelling and some redness which is easily covered with mineral based make up, and will disappear after 1-2 days. It is possible that you may develop some bruising at the injection site, in which case applying a cold compress will lessen the extent.

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