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Pigmented Lesions

SkinteX, the award-winning skin clinic in Glasgow, offer treatments & solutions for different pigmented conditions:

Unwanted Freckles


Seborrheic Keratosis

Melasma (incl hyperpigmentation during pregnancy)

Anything under Solar Lentigo

Liver Spots, Sun Spots or Age Spots

Becker’s Nevus, etc

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Age spots can be caused by over-exposure to the sun & therefore appear on body parts which are constantly exposed, such as face, shoulders, arms & hands.

These superficial marks are on the skin’s surface & usually black or brown in colour; and they are sometimes known as liver spots.

Sun spots or solar lentigines are the same as age spots & the causes can generally be the same, as are the treatments.  (For further reading on Age Spots & the ageing process, please see our Skin Rejuvenation treatment page).
SkinteX treatments include recommendations to help avoid future damage & problems, allowing you to have a skin which regenerates with a younger, tighter, healthier feel.
For best efficacy we treat these conditions with our technology of laser &/or IPL machines & include regular skin care treatments using the highest grade of cosmeceutical products (not available over the counter).

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Treatments usually range from 2-7 sessions every 3 or 6 weeks depending on tech used (IPL or laser) & thereafter totally depends upon your skin condition, severity of a recurring problem, especially if it’s hereditary, & your overall regimen (if you have one), all to ensure you maintain the level of beauty you desire, as recommended by our clinicians.
We offer post treatment solutions, by recommending your own regimen, or Personal Skincare Treatment Program (PSTP), to minimise a relapse & maintain your new tone & texture.

Removing pigmentation can be a weight lifted from your shoulders, psychologically speaking. You don’t have to live with poor skin condition any longer. Removing it improves your well-being & builds your confidence. And remember these improvements will be seen by everyone & treatments are available to both women & men! Prices start at only £75.00 for IPL & £90.00 for laser treatments.


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