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Hair Removal by IPL

Hair Removal For Women & Men, by IPL


SkinteX Laser Clinic is a multiple award-winning laser clinic in Glasgow.

Highly scientific and technical, we are in the best position to clearly state the IPL was designed specifically for hair removal. So please do not be misled by reports, websites or videos claiming that there are ‘better devices’ or lasers out there! it is still the best and safest device when used correctly!

The ‘negative list‘ to traditional hair removal, either at home or at a beauty salon, includes the following:

Time consuming (travel, appointment & ongoing visits)
Results can be far more disappointing than expected
Electrolysis can be painful, occasional blisters, typically only lasts 3 months
Hyperpigmentation is possible
Waxing can be painful, may only last 6 weeks
Not permanent (requiring more time & incurred costs)
Very Costly over a longer time-frame
Ingrown hair can result
Can lead to red bumps, spots, boils, cysts & infection

Does it sometimes feel like you have to take drastic action!

Our advanced technological approach leads to beautiful smooth skin & provides the ultimate solution in hair removal for both men & women.
Our SkinteX treatments are cost effective, quick, virtually pain-free & best of all permanent, leaving you to get on with your life.

How Does It Work?
The hair follicle repeats three stages/cycles (anagen, catagen & telogen). Using a high quality medical grade IPL device (Intense Pulsed Light) at the correct wavelength along with sufficient power, we ‘target’ the essential treatment area. Because dark hair contains melanin, the contrast against the paler skin colour means that it absorbs the light/energy & responds appropriately, thereby killing off the follicle. Surrounding tissue is not ‘targeted’ & is therefore preserved, undamaged. There is more of a secret, but we shall tell you why others get it wrong, at your consultation!

SkinteX ARE Different!
Some clinics use lasers for hair removal which falls out immediately. Whilst this may seem ok initially, it is no use long-term!  You will likely find the hair growing back & that’s probably not what you expected nor wanted, as more sessions will be required!  This is why we use a quality medical grade IPL & not a small desktop type, to prevent regrowth, because not all IPL machines are the same! The IPL was designed for hair removal. We’ve also heard it said that some operators think they are using a laser, when in fact they are using an IPL device, so if an operator doesn’t know the difference, you may not be in safe hands! No wonder technology can sound a bit confusing.

With incorrect treatments or poor operators, you will find the hair growing back again, making removal next time even harder!  Lack of genetic understanding & poor training leads to unnecessary repeated sessions & your unhappiness. SkinteX are fully insured, highly trained & qualified, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

SkinteX are happy to advise you on your hair type & best skin treatment to leave you with smooth, hair-free skin.

Peach fuzz? Facial peachy fuzz is white downy vellus hair, not terminal hair. This can give an aged look. It is found under the neck, around jawline and cheeks and is best removed by our Dermaplane Pro. See our web page or ask for details.

dreamstimeextrasmall_68505569Factors Of Hair Growth To Take Into Account
Hair grows in different phase cycles at different rates over different parts of the body. Add to that, growth varies from individual to individual, male to female & depending upon hormonal disturbance, PCOS & metabolism. So the cycles could range from a few weeks to months; for example the duration of the Anagen phase on your eyebrows is only 4-8 weeks, compared to scalp hair being 2-6 years!

Who Can You Treat?
Almost anyone. IPL treatment is safe on all skin types & on all body areas for both men & women. Yes, for a cleaner more hygienic appearance, many men are having this treatment too!

However blonde, grey, red, waxed & very thin hair is difficult to treat due to the lack of melanin (colour production).  Asian or black skin carries greater amounts of melanin & is far more sensitive to this treatment, so special care is needed & a patch test is carried out for your safety.

Treatment is NOT suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or for clients that are taking photosensitizing drugs such as: Acne medications, Anticancer drugs, Antidepressants, Antihistamines & Antipsychotic drugs. These medications may cause hyperpigmentation, dermatitis & increase skin sensitivity on area treated. If in any doubt about your medication, please consult your GP (or Consulting Dermatologist) first. If approved, we may do a patch test first for your peace of mind; trust & confidence is then established.

Men Can Also Have Hair Removal, Quickly & Safely With SkinteX.
No More Shaving!

dreamstimeextrasmall_23301467  For all body areas  SkinteX_45866237

How Many Treatments Will I Need?
How many, depends upon male or female, which area(s) of the body, but normally every 5-7 weeks over several months, meaning typically 6 treatments.  The duration of each session depends on the area treated & can vary from 15 minutes to 1 hour.  60-80% of visible hair may be removed in each session (anagen stage).  As body hair diminishes, the treatments become quicker!

What Is It Like, What Results Can I Expect & Will They Last?
The level of sensation (described as slight/medium) varies between individuals & on different body areas! You will feel a warming tingling sensation with nominal discomfort during operation – almost pain-free. Options to reduce sensation include: a topical anaesthetic cream prior to treatment, or a cold gel applied, which dramatically helps minimize nominal pain & localised discomfort.

Immediately during & after treatment skin may appear red (mild erythema) & sensitive, looking a bit like mild sunburn, but again this is only temporary. Hair may look frizzled, but will continue growing & continue to fall out 1-3 weeks after treatment.

The hair reduction is permanent, however it depends on each individual’s amount of hair, hair type, skin type & hair colour. With repeated treatments hair cycles are synchronized, increasing the effectiveness with each consecutive treatment.  We advise you respect the treatment intervals to have the best possible outcome. Hormonal disorders such as PCOS (polycystic ovaries syndrome) can greatly influence the results of the treatments.

Maintenance treatments may be advised to maintain the results achieved.  These can vary from 1-2 treatments annually & are provided here at SkinteX as part of your Personal Skincare Treatment Programme (PSTP).  Your Clinic Representative, Nurse or Consultant will explain these simple steps to maintaining beautiful envious silky smooth skin.

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