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Hair Removal For Women & Men – the basics

Hair Removal For Women & Men


The ‘negative list’ to traditional hair removal methods includes the following:

Time consuming
Disappointing Results
Electrolysis can be painful, blisters, may be temporary
Hyperpigmentation is possible
Waxing can be painful, only lasts a few weeks
Not permanent – Repeat treatments Required
Ingrown hair can result
Can lead to red bumps, spots, boils, cysts & infection

Whereas OUR advanced technological approach is ‘permanent’, not simply a reduction, and this leads to beautiful smooth skin & provides the ultimate solution in hair removal for both men & women.

Our SkinteX treatments are quick, virtually pain-free with little down-time & best of all ‘permanent’, leaving you with silky smooth, undamaged skin, allowing you to get on with your life.

Some clinics or beauty rooms may use a laser to remove hair. Whilst this may seem ok initially, it’s not the best long-term, as often the hair regrows! More repeat treatments are then required. This is why we use the highest quality medical grade IPL available to prevent regrowth, it is the best hair removal method in the industry – Permanently! Not all IPL machines are the same!

dreamstimeextrasmall_66742780NO MORE RAZORS & SHAVING CUTS FOR MODERN MAN!

Hair Removal for women & men is now common-place as both sexes want smooth youthful skin. SkinteX caters for both sexes & both can enjoy our other treatments too. Come & have a consultation, we can discuss your requirements, concerns or worries. We are happy to advise on your hair removal & best skin treatment plan to leave you with a more toned, smooth, hair-free body. Prices from £70.00.

For more detailed information on permanent removal, click here Hair Removal.

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