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Fat freezing – Contouring – Reshaping – Skin tightening

Fat freezing / reduction, Contouring, Reshaping and Skin Tightening

Fat freezing in our skin clinic in Glasgow. We offer FIVE technologies in one ULTIMATE device, to help improve your body or facial shape!

  2. HIFU – SKIN TIGHTENING & LIFTING FOR FACE & BODY (fat removal & body sculpting)

Areas we treat by fat freezing and/or skin tightening:

ABDOMEN  –  THIGHS (outer/inner/rear)  –  BUTTOCKS  –  LOVE HANDLES (muffin top)  –  BUTTOCKS  –  FLANKS (& under bra straps)  –  STOMACH  –  HIPS  –  DOUBLE CHIN  –  CROW’S FEET (laughter lines)  –  LOWER JOWL LIFT  –  UPPER JOWL LIFT  –  UPPER NECK  –  CHEEK LIFT  –  BROW LIFT  –  EYE WRINKLES  –  LOWER LEG  –  ARMS (bingo wings)  –  LOWER ABDOMEN

dreamstimeextrasmall_67232204HOW DO I SELECT FAT FREEZING?
1. Look at all the pictures below to give you an idea of a body area you would like treated, or select it from the ‘blue coloured’ treatment areas listed above – this can be for your body or face, or both!

2. Then having decided on the area for fat freezing or skin tightening, then simply contact us for a Consultation – please note, as this is a long and detailed Consultation, we charge £25.

Our ULTIMATE equipment, at our skin clinic in Glasgow, is endorsed and a favourite treatment with celebrities:

Patsy Kensit said “I’m absolutely loving (fat freezing) lipo! It’s so effective & quick – what’s not to like about it? I can see a change in my body with every treatment & I couldn’t recommend it enough”. And tweeted “This is unreal, thank you, thank you, thank you”.

Amy Childs said “I heard about it…& just after a couple of sessions I started to notice a difference – it’s incredible. The sessions are not long or painful, so when I leave the clinic, I can carry on with my day, which is perfect”. “I’ve dropped a dress size”.

Dr Leah Totton said “This multi-platform technology offers a powerful alternative to liposuction, with the addition of sin tightening & cellulite reduction modalities. I’m proud to offer the very latest results driven technology.

Gemma Collins said “..thank you for helping me also, 16.5 inches lost”.

Colleen Rooney (mum of 4), tweeted “thanks girls, enjoyed the treatment. xx”.

Also AJ Fitzsimons, Alex Gerrard and others….



To achieve fat reduction, circumference reduction, contouring or body reshaping, SkinteX have the right solution in this day & age of hi-technology. Fat freezing &/or skin tightening leads to a much improved body shape & a better, younger, leaner look.

Do you have a special event coming up? Do your excesses show a little too much? Need to look your best? We hate to say it but feel we have to, most adverts are misleading & represent falsely! Most adverts say, ‘Reduce fat & get a perfect body the easy way, without all those hard workouts at the gym! No need to diet or exercise.’ But we believe this is misleading.

What To Do?

Before you spend “thousands” of your hard earned cash, speak to us if first, if you want to know the absolute truth and real information about fat freezing, contouring, reshaping or skin tightening.

Why not treat yourself to a little body contouring, fat reduction and skin tightening? Treat both facial and body areas.  Remember, it’s for guys too!

Leaving it longer could lead to health problems, reports the NHS, including diabetes, increased risk of stroke or heart attacks cancer, etc., (see our leaflet at Clinic Reception).  Get in shape. Get the ULTIMATE treatment!  Prices start from only £75, but a typical spend with results, costs over £1000.

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These are typical fat reduction areas to be treated
dreamstimeextrasmall_66322576  dreamstimeextrasmall_66322577  dreamstimeextrasmall_66379919  dreamstimeextrasmall_66379938

Tighter chin, arms, waist, thighs & buttocks – look leaner, younger & more shapely with body contouring.

Fancy a butt lift?
dreamstimeextrasmall_52719440    dreamstimeextrasmall_67231911    dreamstimeextrasmall_66320527

Often, only certain areas of the body require reshaping, so we can be as selective as required.
We define the areas and by fat freezing &/or skin tightening, we treat until you reach your desired and ideal contoured shape, with rejuvenated firmer skin.
Feel & look a new person.
Get back some of that self-confidence and self-esteem.

Contact SkinteX, the multiple award-winning skin clinic in Glasgow and be the envy of your family and friends.


See our OFFERS page…just in case there is one!
For further information or to book your £25 Consultation for fat freezing, skin tightening, body reshaping, circumference reduction or cellulite  Contact us

NB: Fat freezing & circumference reduction is not suitable nor recommended for everyone. A full Consultation & assessment is required. For your safety, concerns and well-being, always speak to a Consultant or your GP before engaging in extreme weight loss.

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