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Fat Reduction – Body Contouring / Reshaping

Fat Reduction, Body Contouring & Reshaping

Cellulite Treatment
Fat & Circumference Reduction
Bingo Wings
Excessive skin post childbirth or weight loss
Thighs -Saddle bags, Arms – bingo wings, Buttocks & Waist – love handles & Double-chin

dreamstimeextrasmall_38367074To achieve fat reduction, circumference reduction, contouring or body reshaping, SkinteX have the right solution in this day & age of hi-technology. This leads to a much improved body shape & a better, younger, leaner look.

Do you have a special event coming up?  Do your excesses show a little too much? Need to look your best?  We hate to say it, but feel we have to, most adverts are misleading & represent falsely! There is plenty of ‘press’, both good and bad on Cryolipolysis & HIFU, so caution is required. Most adverts say, ‘Reduce fat & get in shape the easy way, without all those hard workouts at the gym! No need to diet or exercise!’

Before you spend “thousands” of your hard earned cash, speak to us if first, if you want to know the absolute truth & real information about these technologies.

Shirtless weight loss male showing his lost weight by putting on an old jeans, isolated on white background


Why not treat yourself to a little body resculpting, fat reduction & contouring? Treat both facial & body areas.

Remember, body reshaping, fat & circumference reduction is for guys too!  This guy shows us his old jeans and the amount of his weight loss.



Yes, it’s for guys too!  Leaving it longer could lead to heart & health problems.  Get fit. Get in shape!
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These are typical fat reduction areas to be treated
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Tighter chin, arms, waste, thighs & buttocks – look leaner, younger & more shapely with body contouring
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Often, only certain areas of the body require reshaping, so we can be as selective as required.
We define essential areas & then treat until you reach the ideal level of circumference reduction.

Feel & look a new person. Get back some of that self-confidence & self-esteem.
Contact us today & be the envy of your family & friends.


For further information or to book your body reshaping & circumference reduction appointment Contact us


For your safety, always speak to a Consultant or your GP before engaging in extreme weight loss.





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